All the while that the ORCA website was under construction, I wondered how best to use this chance to reach as many people as possible on the blog section. I write a column most mornings on the ORCA Facebook Lancaster PA about the work and animals of ORCA. The site features stories from the daily tasks at ORCA—needy cats, amazing rescues, funny stories, and heart warming  kindnesses to ORCA by our community of friends.

I have a related passion regarding the larger world of animals and their role in our world, and directly connected to that, the good health and welfare of each human in this world.

I am looking forward to sharing this line of thought in future blogs; for now, allow me to share a vignette of what drives this specific passion.

About 15 year ago, my father, now deceased, fell on a decorative stone in his back yard. He complained for days of pain, pain, pain. The doctor told him that that was natural. One night several days later, he awoke in throbbing pain. By morning he was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix and was in grave condition. Fortunately, he was to recover.

One day dad and I walked down the hospital hall as he continued to recover. A lady stopped us and said she was a dietitian and needed to speak to us. There in a hallway of the hospital she conducted her instructions on dad’s post-hospital dietary regimen.

I was appalled and began to feel frustrated, okay, angry! She counted on her fingers items that dad should never eat again. Of course, her lecture was all about fat and sodium. Great, but when dad said, “No hotdogs ever?” and, I retorted, “How about a tofu dog with low sodium and almost no fat,” and, she said, with a laugh, “That’s no hotdog! Your father wouldn’t want that,” I wanted to push her against the wall and get dad away from this crazy woman who claimed to be a dietitian.

All I could think about were her credentials and her limited thinking. Happily, time has passed and more understanding about the theory of the whole diet’s balance and different kind of diets and their values has emerged.

In these future bogs, I would like to share how to examine your diet and how to choose a lifestyle of eating which is healthy and safe and fun, We will look at couples and families who have made this journey. Let’s begin next time with how I incorporated this subject into my writing assignments for college English classes. Be ready to be surprised about whole classrooms getting excited and angry about too much sodium in processed foods and the evil processed food industry who are abusing the consumers. Connie Kondravy, at ORCA

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