“Never a day at ORCA that is the same! I feel as if I am being demoted to a stringer for menial jobs about which the boss can not find anyone else to write. She wants me to catch everyone up to date on Molly and Emily and the tiny pit puppy and other stuff.

” With my phenomenal talents I such be left alone to work on the great American novel of the 21st century–my working titles are either The Great Catsby, the Scarlet Litter, or The Grapes of Rats. I know you can’t wait to read it. You really can’t, can you? Oh, never mind.

” Molly, ORCA’s Great Dane, is doing beautifully, her foster-care mom, Bobbie, tells me. She is even mingling with the dogs and cats–cats, that gal has good taste. Bobbie says that when she scurries around, it seems as if she doesn’t know that she is missing a leg. How wonderful!

” Then, we have made a connection with Mid-Atlantic Jack Russell Rescue about helping Emily find a new home. Yes, she has come back again. This time she attacked a kind, big dog in her foster home. She can not go to anyone with other companion pals. Guppies may be okay, but other creatures are out. Emily is really a nice lady, and she likes me!!!!

“And, now to introduce Miss Wiggles, she was found wandering around a trailer park in Mount Joy. She is a five-month-old pit bull. And, her social skills are zero. She just walks around begging for someone to touch her. The boss thinks that she was in a basement or some place out of the way of human companionship. I really want to help her find a responsible and loving home,

“Please help us help my animal friends. Ruhl.”

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